We’ll keep your brand and logo clean.
We know a thing or two about truck washing and clean water.

Automatic Truck Wash Equipment Manufacturer, Facilities Operator & Service Provider

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Large Vehicle Wash Systems keep your fleet clean without getting your hands dirty

At RRW, we know that your trucks and vehicles are the moving image of your brand – and that brand image needs to be clean and professional. We also know that time spent washing trucks and maintaining truck wash equipment adds nothing to your bottom line. So how do you keep your fleet clean without the headaches and hassle?

Easy – let RRW handle it for you. We have designed and built our systems to maximize uptime, eliminate wash-related damage, and get your vehicles out of the wash and back on the road in as little as 90 seconds. Our "no problem" business model means maintenance and repairs are our problem, not yours. You pay for results, not chemicals or repairs, so with RRW your costs are more predictable.

We design, build and operate unattended, automated systems, that do reliable washing while leveraging the Cloud, Mobile Technology, and the Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver real time data from our systems to our customers. RRW as a leader has shifted to real use cases and real ROI to help customers to understand, plan and develop successful strategies.

RRW has the following advantages:

  • Safe
  • Ready-To-Operate Equipment Warranty
  • Regular Maintenance and Repairs Included in Per-Wash Costs
  • ZERO Wash-Related Equipment Damage
  • Effective, Environmentally Friendly Wash Chemistry

Reed Williams

RRW CEO & Founder

Reed Williams built RRW ENGINEERING by using innovative methods to solve complex engineering and logistic problems. A good example is when Northwest Airlines came to Reed for relocating their entire operation at an international terminal. Reed accomplished this without shutdown, moving customer service, all communications including data systems, and upholding corporate image at the same time.

Reed has seen this type of scenario many times in his career; where a project needs to be performed, contractors have been hired, mistakes made, and project completion timing is at risk. 

Reed has repeatedly stepped into and resolved these high-pressure situations. They have become his signature trademark, and his "Ok, we are here now. When we leave, it will all be operating." This reflects Reed and his teams style of can-do corporate attitude.

Reed Williams BA, combined civil engineering, and business administration in school, initially working in the investment and management world in NYC. He is a licensed electrical contractor in Ohio. Combining a graduate school MBA, has enabled Reed to grow RRW into a coast to coast operation designing, building and operating today’s most efficient automated mechanical wash facilities.
Who is RRW? RRW engineering is a team that provides innovative designs and solutions for industrial projects. Our group has skills and talents that include designing computer controlled mechanical and electrical systems, integrated data collection, and automated remote facility operations. We can take the responsibility to operate and/or streamline complicated systems where customers prefer not to operate them internally.

Our team operates using multiple disciplines in our approach to all projects, building the most efficient, cost effective solutions possible. We use continual improvement methods to upgrade all our systems.
Does RRW build large, national systems? RRW develops project templates that incorporate BKM (Best Known Methodologies) to insure systems operate with consistency across multiple states and locations. We have grown a quality portfolio of completed projects over the last 10 years. We can build turn-key operations, or supply facilities that we monitor and operate.
What capabilities does RRW have internally? The company can design complete systems to support a variety of industrial chemical processes. Metal forming, machining, welding, electrical, piping and related work is performed in house. Units are built in multiples for cost effectiveness.
What is the RRW design philosophy? We start by building reliable, cost effective systems, and use redundancy as needed to maximize operational uptime. Our advanced systems notify us remotely when having issues and systems can even continue operation until parts can be replaced. We maximize ROI by remotely monitoring our process control. The ARC Advisory Group in 2017 reported that the global process industry loses $20 billion, or 5 percent of annual production, due to unscheduled downtime and poor-quality repairs. As much as 43% of unplanned downtime is caused by equipment failure and it costs approximately 50% more to repair a failed asset than if the problem had been addressed prior to failure. The solution to this customer pain is robust design, BKM hardware, remote monitoring, and data ROI analysis.
What type of control systems do you use? Every facility we design and operate, includes a full-featured, proprietary, intelligent control system that allows precise control of individual parameters. Our web-based reporting structure gives you a comprehensive, real-time view of 150 parameters, and allows remote control of functions to adjust for seasonality or other variable factors.

Operate any truck-wash system without modification.

Process vehicles automatically or manually.

Adaptable to accommodate future changes to equipment.
What does intelligent control logic mean? Every new wash system we install includes the very latest control logic. Our sophisticated logic systems react to behavior and become more and more refined as we analyze problems and driver behaviors.

Systems are fully integrated into the customer’s daily operational theater.

Systems are upgradable without compatibility issues as new software versions become available.
How is remote data collected? Data is collected from local PLC’s and sent via cellular mobile systems. We use top tier, trusted vendors to provide our PLC and operational platform software.
How is RRW success is measured? It is measured in customer uptime (currently >95% with our largest customer), and with 1 million truck washes approaching a 0-damage rate, which exemplifies our mission to use our core competencies to design and build projects that result in satisfied customers.
What is the RRW warranty? Simple, it is for the lifetime of the customer relationship.
How are issues handled? Real time communication direct or through website portal is our effective response system.
What is unique about RRW? Our systems are not only well built, but are also friendly to the ecology as we recycle and use the best chemicals.

Our commitment to you is, that we will keep your large vehicle wash facility in "ready to operate" condition for as long as you are an RRW customer. Our goal is to maximize fleet cleanliness while minimizing the wash time; (we can wash dual tractor trailer units in as little as 90 seconds). This allows your staff to focus on the delivery of your company revenue.

Unique Manufacturing & Design Philosophy

We don’t use complicated bells and whistles. Our wash facilities are built using commonly available materials and use a simple, functional, uniform design with exceptionally low failure rates. We also design from a unique point of view – the driver’s. Our design accommodates wide variations in driver behavior to deliver a clean wash with 0 vehicle damage.

Easy and cost-effective to maintain and repair with low failure rates.

High driver acceptance and utilization.

Adaptable to future requirements and conditions.

Summary of the RRW differences
Keys to our Success

We Innovate; Our years of experience have allowed us to refine the best-known methods (BKM’s) that maximize customer satisfaction.

We created a sophisticated monitoring system for all our washing units, so we can have an overall picture of what is happening at each location.
This allows us to solve issues faster, more precisely, and in certain instances automated.


RRW Engineering designs, manufactures, integrates, and operates high-volume, hub-based automatic truck washing facilities nationwide. Founder Reed Williams operates the company with a simple premise: keeping your fleet vehicles clean should be easy.

Responsive Customer Service

Our business model means that RRW Engineering is responsible for your results. When a problem is reported, we provide a response within 24 hours.

RRW was founded on the basic principal that what is good for our company should be good for yours, too. This basic insight has resulted in a unique operations model that puts the responsibility for results on us. We don't just build wash facilities - we build long-term relationships that allow you to stay focused on revenue-generating activities while we handle the cleaning.

RRW was founded on the basic principal that what is good for our company should be good for yours, too. This basic insight has resulted in a unique operations model that puts the responsibility for results on us. We don't just build wash facilities - we build long-term relationships that allow you to stay focused on revenue-generating activities while we handle the dirty work.